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Master Course

The master course History of Architecture and Town Planning at the Institute of History of Art, Architecture and Landscapes is unique in its scope, offering its students the opportunity to compose personalized tracks that can either focus on classical history and theory, on the health impacts of architecture and urbanism (provided by the Thomassen à Thuessink chair), or a mixture between these approaches. One of the programs characteristics is the emphasis on architectural and urban objects and the need to describe them in the designer’s vocabulary, another the conception of history as being defined by its methodology rather than by its topics: history is not about the past, it’s a way of explaining changes in the man-made environment by referring to the ideas, beliefs, interests, philosophical notions, and ideological concepts of the responsible actors. The master course opens job opportunities in the fields of healthy cities, hospital planning (management), urban planning, or academia; architectural and urban design offices, hospital boards, municipal planning departments and universities are among their likely employers.

Main Characteristics

  • Personalized tracks
  • The opportunity to specialize in classical architectural and urban history
  • The possibility to specialize in the health impacts of architecture and urbanism
  •  A wide range of electives (including courses at the Faculties of Medicine and Spatial Sciences)
  • The opportunity to work in multidisciplinary teams
  • A choice of internships in the Netherlands and abroad