The Expertise Center is responsible for the Master track History and Theory of Architecture and Urbanism, which is part of the master program of the Department of History of Art, Architecture and Landscape. Students who follow this one-year track, students can follow courses at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. The center approaches the health topic from the perspective of the design disciplines and uses the analytical tools and terminology that these have developed. Therefore -and also for pragmatic reasons – the track includes courses that focus on classical architectural and urban history and theory. Elective courses are part of the program and allow students to either specialize in health related issues, or on architecture and urbanism as cultural heritage, or a mix of both. The program is offered in the English language only. Students who want to enroll in this master track should contact the Admissions Office.

Master History and Theory of Architecture and Urbanism

The program spans two semesters, which are divided in two parts:
I  A  September- November
I  B  November – January
II A  February – April
II B  April – June
I AOrigins of the Healthy City Mandatory 5 ECT Contents
I A An Encyclopedia of TypologiesMandatory5 ECT Contents
I ACapita Selecta: History and recent trends in the
Architecture of Hospitals and psychiatric clinics
Elective5 ECT Contents
I A The City Reflected in Art, Literature and the CinemaElective5 ECT Contents
I APlanning TheorieElective5 ECT Contents
I B Origins of the healthy City IIMandatory5 ECT Contents
I BHousing and Care for the Elderly Elective5 ECT Contents
I BCapita Selecta: Civic CultureElective5 ECT Contents
I BExpressionism in Architecture and Urbanism Elective 5 ECT Contents
I B Cultural HeritageElective 5 ECT Contents
II A InternshipMandatory10 ECT Contents
II AExcursion AbroadMandatory5 ECT Contents
II ACity Matters: Urban Equality and Social JusticeElective5 ECT Contents
II ARevitalizing NeighborhoodsElective5 ECT Contents
II BThesisElective15 ECT Contents
II BLiving Lab Sustainable PlacesElective5 ECT Contents