Who are we?

The Expertise Center Architecture, Urbanism and Health explores the impact of architecture and urban design on public health. According to the World Health Organization, only 10 percent of public health can be attributed to the medical infrastructure. Architecture and urbanism are to a large extent responsible for the other 90 percent. Characteristic for the work of the Expertise Center is that it does not approach this field from the perspective of the medical sciences, but takes architecture and urbanism as a starting point. Spatial analysis, theory and history play a dominant role. The center is hosted by the University of Groningen and supported by the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, and the University Medical Center of Groningen. The Center covers all scale levels – the individual dwelling, the neighborhood, the district, the city and the region – and targets a wide range of building types – buildings without a medical function, semi-medical functions and healthcare facilities. In practice, it oscillates between two poles: the urban environment (‘healthy cities’), and healthcare architecture.