The core members of the Expertise Center Architecture, Urbanism and Health are connected to the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, and the Univerity Medical Center of Groningen. Other participants are associated with affiliated institutions in the Netherlands and abroad, among them Delft University of Technology, the Technical University of Berlin, South China University of Technology in Guangzhou, and Shenzhen University. Apart from that, the Center works with associated members of various non-academic institutions. The Center is part of the Berlin based European Network Architecture for Health (Enah).  

Core Members

Faculteit of Arts, Department of History of Art, Architecture and Landscapes

Cor Wagenaar, head of the Center

Marijke Martin

Kees van der Ploeg

Faculty of Spatial Sciences, Department of Planning

Terry van Dijk

Ina Horlings

Femke Niekerk

Gert de Roo

Faculty of Spatial Sciences, Department of Demography

Louise Meijering

University Medical Center Groningen, Faculty of Medical Sciences

Menno Reijneveld

Jolanda Tuinstra

-Members of Affiliated Institutions

Technical University of Berlin, Faculty VI, Department ‘Architecture for Health’

Lars Steffensen

Delft University of Technology

Peter Luscuere

Stefan van der Spek

South China University of Technology

University of Shenzhen

European Network Architecture for Health  

Non-academic affiliations

CEAN Consulting

Colette Niemeijer

Guru Manja

Building Health Lab (BHL)


Gortemaker Algra Feenstra